Réttur | An essay on human rights published in honor of Aðalsteinsson
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An essay on human rights published in honor of Aðalsteinsson

  |   Fréttir af stofunni

“Ragnar Aðalsteinsson has for decades been one of the most influential human rights activist in Iceland, this has been the thematic thread woven throughout his life and career. From one court case to the next, he has successfully defended the human rights of individuals, the freedom of speech of those who have bluntly discussed persons and issues whether in speech or writing or have in other fashions expressed positions and opinions on current affairs, the rights of individuals deprived of their liberty and whose rights have been violated, the rights of individuals who have not enjoyed legitimate economic and social rights, the privacy of individuals in relation to innovation and operation in the field of biotechnology, the rights of landowners which the state has in recent years sought to deprive of their landownership and copyright of artists and writers“ […]

Excerpt from an article by Margrét Heinreksdóttir, published in Ragnarsbók (2009) – a peer reviewed collection of academic essays on human rights published in honor of Aðalsteinsson.