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Réttur’s Cornerstones

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Our Employees

Réttur provides professional services in most major areas of law. Emphasis is placed on high-quality customer service and the continuing education of Réttur’s lawyers in an effort to continue the acquisition of knowledge, thus adding to the vast experience already found at Réttur. Réttur seeks to ensure equality in its employment policies and practices and strives to be a model company in gender equality issues. Réttur is a party to the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, an international declaration and agreement on gender equality. Read more.


Human Rights and Pro Bono Work

The firm has adopted a clear policy as a leading law firm in the field of human rights. Employees of the firm have extensive knowledge of human rights and every year we take on a large number of cases pro bono, in part or entirely. Réttur constantly seeks new opportunities to promote human rights and actively participates in their development with contributions in research, academic writings and teaching of human rights.


Social Responsibility

Réttur is an environmentally friendly firm and strives to act responsibly towards the environment. Réttur is a member of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest promoter of responsible business. It encourages companies to cooperate through the signing and supporting of the ten principles set forth by United Nations which are connected to sustainable development. These principles relate to; human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption measures. Read more.


Green Transportation

Réttur promotes green transport by increasing the use of ecofriendly transportation among employees. To achieve this goal, Réttur has implemented a transportation policy that aims to meet the employees’ traveling needs in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.